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Shred America Louisiana is a local veteran owned and operated shredding service provider covering Southern Louisiana. 

Our team of paper shredding experts has a proven track record of customer satisfaction and will ensure every customer gets the experience they deserve. We are honored that you have considered us for your shredding needs and will deliver with the utmost professionalism and tact. Shred America Louisiana is a locally and Marine Veteran owned business and we conduct ourselves as such.

Every customer matters and we look for long term business relationships catering to our customers’ needs. When you call, we answer! Given the opportunity, our team at Shred America Louisiana will surpass your expectations.



Why choose Shred America Louisiana?

With us, comes the confidence that your sensitive data has been destroyed before it ever leaves your premises, and the knowledge that it will be promptly recycled. You will notice the quality and character of our friendly, bonded shred technicians, and will feel safe having them around your office. We are Paper Shredding Patriots!

Our secure bins and consoles are cleaned at every visit, and our invoices are accurate and simple to understand, with no hidden fees. We use the latest in high-speed on-site shredding equipment, operate with the most streamlined business practices, and employ the best information systems to give our clients the speed, reliability, security, and professionalism they expect and deserve.


Veteran Owned, Expect Better!


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